New Construction

We take great pride in offering Design-Build services for our customers.  Working as one cohesive team through all stages of the project, we ensure that your home project is delivered with the highest quality, efficiency, and care.

Traditional Project Delivery (the old way)

The traditional project delivery method for home building and renovations requires the homeowner to hire both a Designer and a Contractor under two separate contracts and with two separate teams. This method places a significant burden on the homeowner, who becomes the middleman and who must manage both contracts separately. This leaves a potentially risky gap in responsibility in which designers and contractors can blame eachother for any issues that arise during the project.

Design-Build (our way)

The design-build method designates a single point of responsibility for all phases. In a nutshell, design-build means you'll have one team with one chain of command working together to design and construct your home. This method mitigates risk, minimizes overall costs, and reduces delivery time by overlapping the design and construction phases of a home.

Our Design-Build Process:

  1. Free Consultation
    During your free consultation, we will come to your home to evaluate the project and provide initial consulting for your project.

  2. Design Conception
    During the design phase, we will discuss the scope of your project, provide conceptual drawings and develop the initial budget of the project.

  3. Permit Process
    Once the project estimate is finalized, we will coordinate the site and bulding permits with your local municipality. By this time, you can also expect for a project schedule to be developed.

  4. Demolition (if needed)
    Once permits are approved, we will begin the proper demolition of your home or specific site.

  5. Construction
    During construction, we take full responsibility of project management to include jobsite supervision, jobsite safety and cleanup.
    We are also closely monitoring all aspects of the process, working trusted plumbers, electricians and engineers to ensure the right resources are added in at the right time.

  6. Post-Construction
    Once construction is complete, we will work with you to hand off all financial documents and warranty agreements for your products and home. We'll ensure all utilities are running and walk you through locations of all emergency shut-off valves. 

The Benefits of Design Build:

  1. Faster delivery
    With Design-Build, the construction and design phases overlap rather than waiting on one another. This enables for a shorter and smoother process.

  2. Smoother process (less headaches).
    Design-Build is set up to be a streamlined process that incorporates the Designing and Building aspects of homebuilding.

  3. Cost savings
    Since the process is streamlined, homeowners can count on cost savings compared to working with multiple professionals to complete the same project.

  4. Better communication
    As the single point of responsibility for Design-Build, the homeowner can focus on making decisions rather than focusing on coordinating between architects, builders and engineers.

  5. Better value
    Because of the holistic view, Design-Build produces higher quality results in a shorter timeframe.

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